(80 min)

dermaplaning facialDermaplaning Facial will give you the benefit of a clearer and clearer complexion. Dermaplaning Facial is the perfect facial to help even out a skin tone that made me starting to fade. Whether it is because of skin damage or there’s just a natural tone to your skin that has changed over time, this facial will help to restore more evenness to your complexion’s tone.

Dermaplaning Facial doesn’t have the ability to remove deep wrinkles or scars, it can eliminate the fine wrinkles the can begin to develop over time. It creates the appearance of a smooth complexion that can last for sometimes up to several months. It has few side effects to this procedure, unlike deep-level cosmetic procedures that may require weeks for a full recovery for a similar benefit.

Because a surgical blade is being used in this procedure, your face will naturally become smooth and hair-free. This is particularly beneficial for those “peach fuzz”. It won’t cause those hairs to grow back in thicker or darker either, so you’ll be left with the smooth skin you want without the potential for redness or swelling that can accompany other treatment methods, like plucking. Also, makeup can be applied right away after it has been completed.

This facial could remove up to several weeks of dead skin cells that have accumulated; a Dermaplaning Facial will effectively last for up to a month before another procedure may be required. With good at-home maintenance of the skin, the benefit of this facial could last you a lot longer.