Facial Solution for Oily / Acne Blemished Skin

Normalizing facial care for a clear, pure complexion. Introduce your face to a deeply cleansed, clearer brighter complexion.  Includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliating enzyme concentrate, massage, mask and oxygen to kill acnaic bacteria.  Designed to provide you with a Cosmeceutical approach to acne/oily skin challenges.  This facial features the anti-bacterial/inflammatory and sebum control properties of Tea Tree oil and a Dead Sea Mineral Mask for mineralizing, detoxifying and stimulating.  Blue LED light and high frequency may also be used as required.

There are many reasons that cause acne.  An acne treatment plan starts with getting a good history to help determine the cause of acne.

A customized acne facial, according to severity of your acne, includes: skin analysis, deep cleansing facial, exfoliation and extractions, followed by high frequency treatment with use of serums known for germicidal and decongestant to prevent future break outs. A balancing and antibacterial cooling mask hydrates and promotes healing leaving the skin clarified.

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