Facials in Scottsdale

signature facialFacials in Scottsdale Spa experience is designed specifically to the needs of your skin. Facials are divided into three categories: Primary, Facial Solution, and Rapid Results. All facials in Scottsdale Spa and skin therapies begin with a personalized evaluation of your specific skincare needs. Your esthetician will recommend a treatment designed to provide optimal results based upon your skin analysis. Each facial may include deep cleansing, exfoliation, vaporization, extractions if necessary, facial, neck, and shoulder massage, as well as hydrating hand or foot massage.

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One of the best benefits of a professional facial is the opportunity to work with a professional skincare specialist who will analyze your skin, hear your concerns and show you how to properly care for your skin based on your unique needs and skin type. Getting a professional facial is very important for the overall health of your skin.

Most of the facials in Scottsdale Spa offer benefits like exfoliants to stimulate cell renewal, remove dry skin, break down stubborn discoloration brown spots and fade post-breakout red/dark marks. Exfoliation also allows active ingredients to absorb deeper within the skin for maximum skin results.

As part of our facial treatments, our therapists also provide face, neck, and shoulder massage as part of the facial, not only is it incredibly relaxing, but facial massage helps to increase micro-circulation to bring new nutrients to the skin at the cellular level. The steam provides heat that the steam produces will raise the temperature of the skin and soften the hardened oil in the pore, making it easier for extraction and deep pore cleansing. Steam is also excellent for hydrating the skin as long as the moisture is sealed in with a cream afterward, to prevent the moisture from evaporating.

When it is necessary our therapists will do manual extraction, the best method to remove clogged pores and blackheads, there is no more effective way to remove them than with manual removal as skincare products will not remove blackheads. Scottsdale Spa Facials provide skin-softening treatments along with steam to prepare the pores for manual extractions—to minimize redness afterward.

In all of our facials, our facial professional will apply an appropriate mask that gives the skin an amazing glow!

Facials in Scottsdale Spa are incredibly relaxing and stress-reducing and should be performed every 4-6 weeks.

At Scottsdale Spa, we offer many types of facials for different budgets and skin needs. Call and schedule a facial with one of our spa receptionists at 480.522.1041