Thank you for signing up to Birthday Club! It is best spa deals in town.

Enrollment for the birthday club must occur PRIOR to your birthday month to be enrolled this year.  If you enroll after that you will be enrolled starting next year.

Please note, application will not be processed:

1) if you are not at least 21 or older

2) if you did not provide a valid email address, or if your email address is already in use by another guest in our system, or contains another persons name.

3) if the information on the application is not fully completed

The Birthday Club provides new guests with an opportunity to try our spa’s services, and rewards regular spa guests.

You will be automatically enrolled each year provided you:

  1. Continue to have spa services with us and have had a service within 200 days of your birthday.
  2. Are in good standing with the spa
  3. Your email address is still current and valid for you.

Please note that Birthday services can not be booked until you receive the special birthday code.

Enrollment in the program indicates that you understand and agree to all terms of the program.

Looking forward to your visit at our spas.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us at 480.522.1041