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Eagle Mountain Spa

Eagle Mountain Spa   We are proud to announce our new partnership with Inn at Eagle Mountain. This new partnership, Eagle Mountain Spa,  allows us to provide quality spa services to the resort guests of the Inn as well as the choice of another beautiful resort location for our current spa guests. The Inn at [...]

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When Should You Throw Away Mascara?

When Should You Throw Away Mascara? The eyes have it. 75% of women don’t replace their mascara within three months. This can cause an increase in the risk of eye infections due to germs inside the tube.   Tip Solutions: Buy a cheap brand of mascara and throw it out every 3 months. Purchase a [...]

When Should You Throw Away Mascara?2017-11-23T01:36:12+00:00

How To Get A Smooth Back

How To Get A Smooth Back Summertime Bare Back Basics   Fight Bacne:  Back acne often has the same triggers as facial acne hormone spurs an increase in oil production and sweat clogs the pores.  The skin on your back is thicker and this creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Tip solutions: Have a [...]

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Is Bread Healthy For You?

Is Bread Healthy For You? Your Daily Bread Eating bread is not bad after all:  people who eat bread every day had lower levels of LDL, or that could all and healthier insulin levels than those who didn’t.   Tip Solution: Look for loaves that have the word hole in the name. Look for the [...]

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Your Health Diet Plan Tips

 Your Health Diet Plan Tips   When it comes to your health diet plan tips - diets, less is more.  Yes, less dieting will give you long term more weight loss.  The new trend in weight loss? Diet less, not more, for fast and long-lasting results. American and British scientists have learned that by  combining [...]

Your Health Diet Plan Tips2017-11-23T01:36:12+00:00

Reduce Your Risk of A Heart Attack

Heart Smart Reduce your risk of a heart attack   Tip Solution: Add strawberries and blueberries to your salads and smoothies three weekly servings can cut your risk of a heart attack by 34%. Turns out your waistline is really important: Research suggests that having a larger waist size, even if you're not obese, may [...]

Reduce Your Risk of A Heart Attack2017-11-23T01:36:12+00:00

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris Up in arms Does your arms look like chickens skin. Do you see stubborn little red bumps. This is a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris.  It is a type of eczema, where excess old skin cells held up around hair follicles creating bumps that turn red as the follicles become [...]

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Top Five Places To Stay Cool in Scottsdale

Top Five Places To Stay Cool in Scottsdale 1. Scottsdale Fashion Square Scottsdale Fashion Square inspires breathless anticipation with over 250 shops. Right in front of your eyes, it's Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York and Nordstrom. It's Gucci, Ferragamo, Cartier and Bottega Veneta. Oh look, there's Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss and Juicy Couture. There's Puma, [...]

Top Five Places To Stay Cool in Scottsdale2017-11-23T01:36:12+00:00

Top Golf In Scottsdale

Top Golf In Scottsdale Looking for a great place to play golf in Scottsdale, this is where you can find the Best Golf Courses in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nothing beats the sheer beauty and challenge of playing golf in the desert. With more than 200 courses in the city and surrounding area, Scottsdale is a golfer’s [...]

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Help Your Spouse Weight Loss

Help Your Spouse Weight Loss Shape Up Together When starting an exercise program or a weight loss program, get your significant other involved. This will benefit both of you. Here are three tips by Barton Goldsmith, PhD that can increase your chances of success.   Tip solutions: Speak from the heart. When you discuss the [...]

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