Facial Solution for Lightening and Pigmentation

Concern for:  Hyper-pigmentation uneven skin tone.

Luxurious spa facial for women over forty to counteract hormone-related aging of the skin. Mulberry, Vitamin A, phytoestrogens, and collagen make the skin look plump, energized, firm, and radiant while also reducing pigmentation.

Fadeaway unwanted pigmentation and prevent new pigmentation disorders from occurring using a cosmeceutical blend of natural tyrosinase inhibitors.  With home care and proper sunscreen usage, results may include a long-term lightening effect, with an even-looking complexion.

This facial is both relaxing and highly effective. Extreme Brightening is a special course of treatment designed for the treatment of pigmentation disorders and will provide a lightened effect to the skin. Existing hyper-pigmentation will be permanently reduced, whilst new skin pigmentation is considerably prevented and the color of the skin itself will be effectively lightened. A deep steam clean and extractions are performed when necessary, a facial massage and a neck and shoulder massage are included.

Treatments may be combined with Microdermabrasion and Light Therapy Treatments. We suggest the “SIX Week Visible Fade Out Kit” to be used at home 1 x every evening to maximize results.