Turquoise Body (60 min / 90 min)

(This service is no longer available)

The jewel of the Southwest! Our Turquoise Body Masque is a gorgeous, rich, shimmering body mask designed to awaken your senses with a clean fresh scent. This cool color is believed to bring lightness, peace, and calm that can help you sleep.

Our Turquoise Masque contains geranium which is thought to help bring a normalizing effect bringing greater harmony and jojoba oil which helps to gently hydrate and moisturize your skin. Shea Butter and jojoba oil are potent moisturizers that help leave your skin wonderfully hydrated. The power of green tea antioxidants helps you maintain a youthful appearance. The masque is followed by an optional Turquoise infused oil massage. Experience the Turquoise Tranquility!