Amethyst Mind and Body Renewal Treatment (60 min / 90 min)

(This service is no longer available)

Amethyst Mind and Body Renewal Treatment

Amethyst Mind and Body Renewal Treatment, is designed exclusively for the person with change and transition in mind! Amethyst has come to be known as a power crystal with prolific healing powers that can be characterized as purifying, pacifying, and transitional. Amethyst is also known to calm the mind, absorb negative energy, and convert it to positive energy. Strengthen your immune system with a full body brushing while enjoying the total effect of our exfoliation rub, experience the calm of the warm regenerating amethyst wrap with our hot stone lavender amethyst infused massage (optional). Glisten with the final amethyst-infused body lotion and enjoy the total calm as you face change and transition with a renewed spirit. Royal purple Amethyst is placed on the brow, crown, or throat chakras to stimulate and nurture their special functions. On the brow or crown, Amethyst opens spiritual awareness and awakens wisdom. On the throat, it empowers speech and helps the client speak with clarity and confidence.