6 layer Facial Solution to Replenish Dry Dehydrated Skin Facial

Replenish Dry Dehydrated Skin FacialYou will feel amazingly invigorated and “replenished” after this unique facial.  It is like having an Oxygen Facial, Caviar Facial, Seaweed Facial, Anti-Oxidant Facial and Hydrating Facial all in one!  The dynamic layering and thermal effect of this 6 layer facial treats several layers of the skin. That is why the effect is so wonderful and long lasting.

Oxygenation, nourishing and deep hydration is achieved by this unique layering system. Includes revigorating face mask, caviar ampoule, vita-C force, retinol-A capsule, spirulina phytogen mask and thermic mask.

Deep relaxation and luxury is experienced and needed botanical and vitamins are delivered. Skin looks radiant and feels revitalized. Best of all this facial treatment can be customized for different skin needs.

About Dehydrated Skin:

Dehydration is a widely misunderstood skin condition that often is inadequately treated because of the difficulty in differentiating between dehydrated skin and dry skin. When the skin does not have enough moisture, or water, it is dehydrated. Dehydration will make the skin appear thin and transparent, or like a parchment with fine lines. When touched, the skin may be rough, rigid and extra-sensitive. A good moisturizer is an essential prerequisite for healthy skin. When the skin is faced with dehydration the process of cellular renewal is altered.

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