Massage To The Max

Three New Two Hours Massage therapies designed for the ultimate massage experience and deep relaxation.


TheraMax a therapeutic massage customized for your needs combined with the unique massage modalities mastered by each therapist.


Relax2theMax a light relaxing massage combined with the unique massage modalities mastered by each therapist.


Geothermal Stone2theMax – a relaxing hot and cold stone therapy designed to balance your energy, release inflammation, and leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and focused with new mental clarity.

A two-hour massage is a very demanding service from your therapist, but sure it will assist you to reach a higher level of relaxation. It can help relieve chronic pain, including lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. Massage acts directly on your muscles relieving chronic muscle tension, accident or injury-related pain, short-term spasm as well as pain caused by periods of forced inactivity.

It can also help reduce anxiety and create an overall sense of well-being. Massage helps reverse the damaging physiological effects of stress by inducing a relaxation response that can benefit the immune and digestive systems, and create positive changes in the entire body/mind system. Many people find that following a such massage, they experience enhanced sleep quality. Two Hours of Massage increases blood supply and nutrition to the muscles, hastening the removal of metabolic waste products from the muscle tissue.