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Massage and Detox Body Cleansing Package $240

detox massage

For good health and a truly detoxification relaxing experience

(Spa Gold Member will receive 20 minutes additional time for this package – using 2 Spa Gold Credits)

This package promotes detoxification, includes a 50 min Relief Massage and a 50 min Seaweed Detox Body Wrap which aims to relax your being while expediting the removal of toxins from your body. This can be of a great support to any internal cleansing program you are on.   Detoxes are recommended whenever there is a change of seasons and especially beneficial during the holiday season when we may overindulge.  It can address health conditions including fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, and other system dysfunctions that result from the presence of toxins in your body.  The seaweed which contains iodine is good to increase your metabolism if you have an active thyroid.

The process will start with a therapeutic massage treatment.  Your therapist will stimulate your body using a combination of massage movements including moderate pressure to gently compress and stretch your muscle tissues. This will enhance your immune system, strengthen the muscles and tone your connective tissue. When your muscles are relaxed, you will experience an increase in circulation resulting in a release of toxins.

The Detox Wrap will help to draw the toxins out of your body through your skin.  This will be beneficial to your internal organs that will not have to process the toxins.  This will assist your lymphatic system to clear dietary toxins and other unwanted substances. The toxic waste are by-products of stress either physical or emotional, dead cells, heavy metals and other excess debris. After the Seaweed gel is applied, you are cocooned up in an infrared sauna where your body will be hot, and you will sweat out the toxins.

For good health and a truly detoxification relaxing experience, we strongly recommend you give this treatment a try. Doing this regularly, will strengthen your immune system, your spirit and improve your soul.  This service is contraindicated for those with high blood pressure which is not under control, as well as those who are claustrophobic.