Life Coaching for Wellness and Balance of Life

life coaching scottsdaleOften we can get so busy making a living that we forget to live life to its fullest; allowing the time, energy, and space to really have a joyful and meaningful life. More often than not, we are overwhelmed by so many aspects of life that we have to deal with. Would you want someone to be there to guide you through a difficult time of life? Show you the way to make better choices?

At Scottsdale Spa, while we are taking care of your body holistically, we do believe the wellness of your mind is just as important. Therefore partnering with Apotheosis is a great step forward in taking care of the wellness needs of our guests. Founder, Theo Jones, an experienced and seasoned Life Project Management Coach™ with his staff will help and guide you to manage the different “life projects” in your life.

Life Coaching Service is Available at Both Day Spa and Resort Spa Locations

Juggling Life’s Projects with Ease

These areas include family, relationships, career, health, parenting, finances, and leisure.  With the Life Project Management Coach™ you can learn how to maximize the enjoyment in each moment of your life.  Life Project Management Coaching™ blends the best practices of coaching, counseling, and project management to help you to identify and better understand potential feelings of stress, anxiety, drain, fear, or feeling overwhelmed, and get you past them.

Created Just With You in Mind

Each program is personalized with your needs and budget in mind.  Together we can make positive progress toward living a happier more fulfilling life.  Setting aside time to learn about yourself can be the most valuable step you take in your life. Discover what fulfills you and leads you to a life of happiness. Many of us need extra support in living a life of fulfillment.   Having a life coach who sees the best in you and acknowledges your strengths can be very powerful in helping you live your best life. Invest in yourself and partner with a Life Project Management Coach™ today!

Alternative: Life Coaching | Acupuncture | Reflexology | Thai Yoga

Get Started Now!

One on One Private sessions are available in the following areas:

1) Moving Forward Overcoming  

2) Healthy Living

3) Meditation

4) Life Enrichment

5) Joyful Living

If you are uncertain about the direction you want to go, schedule a 60-minute Discovery Session will help you clarify your goals and take action that is in alignment with your values. We will take a holistic approach to your life, considering all areas as equally important.   You may also choose a specific learning skill set.