Joyful Living

“ Learning to Love ” 60 min Private Session $149


Show Me the Love

Learning to LoveRedefining love in terms of action can benefit an intimate relationship enormously. Individual happiness and self-confidence are key factors in determining a successful love relationship.


Fairytale Love

Treating love as an “entity” or “idea” often leads to a fantasy of love. It binds people together in an imaginary fusion even as they continue to mistreat each other, makes practical and personal adjustments to improve the relationship difficult.


Share the Love

Do you know what love is and how to love? The more we see love as an ethereal concept, the more we lose sight of the specific behaviors that make love an active expression of our feelings for others.


Love yourself ~ Be Loving to Others

In this session, Theo will show you love as a product of action, however, we can look into ourselves and our relationships with fresh eyes and examine how loving we truly are. You will learn to look at love with a proactive, pro-action perspective, you can change the course of your relationships and develop into more loving individuals. You will experience greater self-awareness, clarity of purpose, self-discipline, wellness, motivation, achievement, freedom, joy, happiness, and overall wellbeing.  Together, we will co-create your life project management coaching sessions so that you will start living a better life – a life that reflects your authentic self, your values, your goals, your dreams, and your desires.