Joyful Living

“ Learning to Be Happy ” 60 min Private Session $149


Choose to be Happy

Learning to Be HappyHappiness is matter of choice — not just luck. Some people are lucky enough to possess genes that foster happiness. However, certain thought patterns and interpersonal skills definitely help people to be happy. There is what Theo’s skill set comes in, knowing intellectually that happiness isn’t easy doesn’t take away our deep faith that it should be.


Get the Happiness Perspective

Through this session of Learning to Be Happy, Theo will show you new skills to help you view those things that keep you from being happy.  Learn how to have a different perspective.  Use your mind consciously and deliberately in viewing the joy of life. It means you will become more observant and deliberate; more thoughtful about reacting to emotions and impulses; more curious, more ready to look beneath the surface, not so hasty about jumping to conclusions; kinder, more patient, more tolerant of ourselves and others.  Learn how to remove the need for defenses, because you will learn to face your feelings head on.


Forward Thinking

Rewiring the brain to increase in activity in the prefrontal cortex, where the brain processes positive feelings and controls negative feelings, where the brain can control the automatic messages of fear and anger.  Develop a new pilot, a new, more objective, less easily influenced orientation toward society, the whims of your brain, the automatic responses of our minds; a sense of confidence in ourselves, a belief that we can figure out to be happy.