“Expanding Joy through Meditation” 60 min Private Session $149


Manifest Joy through Meditation

Joy through MeditationPermit a new vibration of joy to stimulate and activate your whole being. Allow meditation to open you to a new level of joy, your soul’s joy. You need not hear it, sense it, or feel it for your soul’s note of joy to be sounded and to have an effect. Sense how beautiful and perfect you are as a soul; how full of joy and love.


Gratitude Meditation for Perfect Joy

The world of the soul does not know sorrow or pain. It knows only love, joy, and bliss. Through meditation you can bring your soul’s joy into your daily life. You can stop struggling. You can trust that life is perfect and that it is always working for you. Joy comes when you understand that everything that happens in your life is brought to you by your soul and Higher Self to assist you in growing stronger and in evolving. Joy comes when you decide to grow through joy and to bring joy into your life.


Law of Attraction

Through the session you will learn to experience the world in a positive way. Through meditation it will show you a way to react to life that will expand joy in your life. Attitudes are magnetic and every moment you spend in joy magnetizes another moment of joy. Expanding your joy through meditation will help you rid of negative emotions. Acknowledge the joy you already have in your life, and you will feel it even more often. Bringing a higher self in this life journey and attracting more joy in your life.