Life Enrichment

“ Creative Visualizations to Create the Life You Want ” 60 min Private Session $149


Visualize your Future

Create the Life You WantVisualization changes the dynamics of personal change by pulling the person toward a visualized healthier future. You must be able to see your future in mind before it can happen. Through the process of Creative Visualizations to Create the Life You Want, you will learn how to make seem impossible to reality.


Reality vs Imagination

Success at attaining any goal can be measured by how effectively you are able to move an idea from your conscious to your subconscious. That is why visualization is so important. When you visualize something in your conscious mind, your subconscious doesn’t know that it is only in your imagination.


Change your Subconscious Mind Change Your Life

Let Theo show you how to turn what’s in your thoughts and make a real creating a life that you want. The visualization process gives you something far more useful to focus on than the old counterproductive messages of your mind. Over time, you’ll be amazed how quickly your outer world will begin to change once you’ve learned how to rewrite your script.