Thai Table Yoga

Thai Table Yoga (75 min ~ $149) Thai yoga massage balances the body’s energy by using gentle pressure on specific points as well as postures to improve flexibility and range of motion. It’s like a passive form of yoga; you get the benefits but don’t have to do any of the work! A session [...]

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Life Coaching Scottsdale

Life Coaching for Wellness and Balance of Life Often we can get so busy making a living that we forget to live life to its fullest; allowing the time, energy, and space to really have a joyful and meaningful life. More often than not, we are overwhelmed by so many aspects of life that [...]

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Acupuncture Scottsdale

Acupuncture Scottsdale 60 min ~ $99 / 90 min ~ $129 If you’re as busy and stressed as most of us, you may not take time to take care of your stress even some of the minor aches and pains. In the long run, it will create so many health issues. Scottsdale Spa believes [...]

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SOLE RELIEF Reflexology Foot Treatment (30 min ~ $79 / 50 min ~ $119 / 55 min "with cooling treatment" $129) Reflexology is the gentle art of manipulation by the reflexologist's thumb and fingers on specific points of the feet, which correspond reflexively to the organs, muscles, and nerves of the whole body.  In [...]



Every guest is treated as a VIP each and every time. We are proud to provide you with the very best of pampering & tranquil services a wellness center has to offer. The quality of treatment keeps our guests returning time and time again.
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